Keeping Kids Safe, Protecting Parents Rights and Empowering Educators


Meet Joshua "Josh" Memminger, your next District 5 School Board Member!

I am a proud longtime resident of Seminole County (District 5) and parent of four current and former students in Seminole County Public Schools. I am proud to say I am serving my community and this nation in the field of Law Enforcement. I have worked tirelessly for our community for almost 15 years in various capacities that have allowed me the opportunity to become well versed in the inner workings of the community and local government. This wealth of knowledge, training and experience has led me to one conclusion, WE NEED CHANGE. I am bringing my three-point platform to initiate the change we need!

1. School Safety

I have the firsthand knowledge and experience of what is needed to KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE! I have dedicated my life to the protection of OUR COMMUNITY but now it's time to bring that same tenacity and leadership to our school board! New rules and regulations regarding School Safety are constantly changing and so are the best practices for day-to-day operational security. You need a school board member who understands the evolving world of School Safety and how to implement policy along with practical hands-on experience!

2. Parent and Student Advocate

The onset of the global pandemic brought about new dynamics and turbulent times for our community and the nation. The children of our community endured constant change and an influx of new routines, rules and regulations. The pandemic also created new challenges to the rights of Parents and Students. The challenge for us as school board members will be to navigate and lead the organization through these uncertain times while maintaining transparency and accessibility for our parents and students. We must also acquire the resources and staffing needed to ensure every family in Seminole County receives the finest education in the State of Florida! My job as your elected school board member is not only to develop and implement policy, but to PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES AND ADVOCATE FOR YOU!

3. Empowering Educators

Over the years I have served as a School Resource Officer on all levels of K-12 education here in Seminole County. I have also had the privilege to supervise and oversee the largest municipal School Resource Unit in Seminole County. One of the daily tasks that come with this responsibility is to work hand in hand with the men and women that provide the world class education that our students receive. I have seen and heard the frustrations and challenges that our educators are dealing with EVERY DAY in our schools. I have participated in countless conferences, meetings and trainings where our educators provided me their perspective and feedback on what they NEED to continue providing world class education to our children. I have always said that one day someone with this firsthand knowledge should be on the school board, well that person is ME and that time is NOW! The educators and administrators of Seminole County Public Schools will truly have a voice and an advocate for change that will EMPOWER EDUCATORS!


Why Choose Joshua Memminger for Seminole County School Board District 5? Well just scroll down and see why he is THE BEST choice for our County and District 5!


As a Father

Four children, one graduate of SCPS and 3 currently enrolled in SCPS


As an Instructor/Teacher

Focus on Safety Teacher (SCPS 5th Grade, citywide)

Lead Instructor for Law Enforcement Explorer Program

Instructor for The Citizens Academy

Adjunct Professor for Seminole State College

Central Florida Law Enforcement Explorer Academy Coordinator and Drill Instructor


As a Leader

Program Director for Law Enforcement Explorer Post

School Resource Unit Supervisor

Uniformed Patrol Supervisor

Class President of the Florida Leadership Academy

Police Academy Cadet Squad Leader


 In our Community

Youth Football Coach and Commissioner

Juvenile Justice Committee Chairman

Volunteer Youth Mentor



Law Enforcement Certification (Seminole State College)

Associates Degree (Keiser University)

Bachelors Degree (Keiser University)

Line Supervision (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)

Effective Supervisory Practices (International City/County Management Association)

Florida Leadership Academy (Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute)

Crisis Intervention Certification (Daytona State College)

Certified School Resource Officer (Florida Attorney General’s Office)


SCPS Experience

School Resource Officer (All Levels, K-12)

Instructor for SCPS Staff and Administration on School Safety

Focus On Safety Teacher (5th Grade, Citywide)

School Resource Unit Supervisor (Largest Municipal Unit, 11 Campuses Covered)






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